Welcome to the Employee Course Catalog for Fuze Academy. Here you will find a list of libraries available for you to choose from. We look forward to providing you with course-based materials to assist with your learning. If you have any questions, reach out to fuzeacademy@fuze.com

To self-register for a course, first select the appropriate library, locate the desired course, and then click the More Info button. On the More Info page, ensure the number of licenses is 1 and click the Buy Now button.  In the Cart, verify the information and click either the Add More Courses to register for additional courses, or the Proceed button to continue.  From the Checkout page, verify the course selections and account information.  Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in the Important Information section. Click the Proceed button.  A Fuze Administrator will approve the order request within two business days.

If you would like to watch a short video to learn how to self-register for courses through the Course Catalog, please click here.