Sales effectiveness refers to our ability to “win” at each stage the customer’s buying process, and ultimately earn their business. While both sales effectiveness and sales efficiency relate to the improvement of sales performance, efficiency reveals how fast we complete tasks — but not whether we’re performing the right tasks. That’s the focus of sales effectiveness. It comes down to process of finding the right sales tasks to produce the best possible sales output and outcomes. Learn what these tasks are in this section of the WISE Library.

Deals that Deliver

Many sales pipelines are clogged with deals that are going nowhere and which only serve to slow the progress of more promising opportunities. Deals that deliver is a short course on how to remove bad deals from your pipeline, so that you can focus on deals that will close.


Exhibition Thoughts & Strategies

Exhibitions can be a very effective way to generate leads. Use the tips and tricks in this session to help you maintain a professional approach to sales at exhibitions and help you score quality leads.


Getting Past the Gatekeeper

It is the Gatekeeper's job to protect their boss from unwelcome intrusions, so we need to make it worth their while and reduce the risk they feel in putting us through. In this session, learn some tips for getting past the Gatekeeper.

How to Position a Fuze-Led Business Case

The Fuze Business Case is a strong selling point if positioned correctly. It can serve as a motivational tool to keep the prospect excited and engaged. Learn how to position a winning Business Case in this course!

Navigating Analyst Relations in the Sales Process

Industry analyst relations is an essential tool in the marketing and positioning of Fuze. In this course, learn how analysts, like Gartner, operate, and how a prospect's interaction with Gartner maps to the Sales Process.

The Value Journey

Value creation is the bedrock of business. Learn how you can create value across our entire Sales Process in this course. 

Uncovering & Ranking Decision Criteria

If you understand how prospects make a buying decision, you can better tailor your messaging and prove that you can meet all their criteria. Learn more about uncovering and ranking decision criteria in this course.

Using MEDDIC to Check Your Deals

In this session, learn how to use MEDDIC before and after every sales call with a prospect to make sure your deals stay on track.

Using SPIN Questions to Build the 'Why Now?'

In this course, learn how you can use SPIN questions to help build the 'Why Now?' and significantly increase the likelihood of a lead translating into a sale.