When you’re entrenched in your own responsibilities, it’s easy to forget that other departments not only exist, but that we’re all serving one main goal: fulfilling the Fuze mission. Each entity in our Fuze ecosystem affects and is affected by the others, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which we all must be flexible and adaptable in order to be successful as a whole. Learn more about the departments that make up Fuze and some of the key projects they are working on in this section of the WISE Library.

Financial Structure of a Deal

Structuring a deal is important for both the customer and Fuze. This session will explore best practices for structuring deals.

Getting the Most Out of Field Marketing Events

Field marketing events allow us to get Fuze in front of consumers “out in the field.” Learn more about field marketing events and how to get the most out of them in this session.

How to Win: Selling on Security

This session is designed to help you better understand how to position Fuze Security, describe the information security areas where we win against on-premise and hosted solutions, and know where we stand against the competition in the security space.

The BDR Team

The BDR Team is the key to lead nurturing and setting more qualified appointments that ultimately convert to deals. In this session, learn more about this team, how they are measured, and their quotas.

The Deal Desk Team

The Deal Desk Team is great resource to you when it comes to structuring your deals. In this session, learn more about the Deal Desk Team and how to proactively communicate with them.

Using Clari

Learn how you can leverage Clari to help manage your opportunities and forecast, inspect your pipeline, and track your activity in this course.

Using Seismic

Seismic is our library, and contains the sales collateral you need to successfully close a deal. Learn more about how to leverage Seismic in this session.