Analyst Relations

Throughout this course we cover the basics of an analyst; who they are, what they do, and their impact on sellers, as well as how to diffuse any objections competitors and customers bring up around analyst reports.

Champion Building

The Champion building process is broken down into four parts; identify, develop, test, and leverage. We discuss each of these components in more detail throughout this course.

Fuze Sales Process

The Fuze Sales Process aligns how we sell with how our customers buy. This course outlines what to do in each phase, who can support you, and what resources you need to succeed.


Throughout this course we define the different components of MEDDIC and the importance of each, as well as describe how to use MEDDIC to qualify opportunity strength and improve forecasting accuracy.

Sales Foundations

This on-boarding experience is designed to introduce you to Fuze Sales, the industry and market we compete in, and our Sales Process.

Sales Playbook

The Sales Playbook is designed to provide you with the insights, training, and tools needed to help you close deals and not only meet your sales goals, but exceed them.